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At the end of 2007 the idea was born to create an environmentally friendly, renewable and free source of energy with the help of sun`s rays and wind. VISTA Renewable Energy Services, with it is head office in, Kabul Afghanistan was founded in 2008. Since then, VISTA Renewable Energy Services has pursued this goal consistently and with successes. Through its pioneering work, VISTA Renewable Energy Services has helped solar energy be recognized as a genuine alternative to conventional forms of energy. VISTA Renewable Energy Services has developed into a leading privately–owned company with in new industry.

VISTA Renewable Energy Services will continue to implement its founding ideas in the future, and will strive to improve solar technology as a professional product. The very high quality standards we set for our products are required for production in USA, Germany, India and China. Our over seas production sites also comply with these stringent quality standards. Our Afghanis distributors and our branches around the country make VISTA Renewable Energy Services into strong partner-now and the future.

If you are off-grade from the electricity or on-grade and need electricity power for independently, solar energy systems are the solution for your power needs. The solar modules generate power, which is then stored in batteries, ready to be used as desired or You can apply direct and synchronizes with your grade electricity to minimize your bills. You can operate 12/24/48 V appliances directly, or 230 V and 400 V appliances when using an inverter. We provide complete solar electric sets or design customized systems.

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